Illustration Friday

28.06.09 | Worn


Medium: Graphite
Size: 210mm x 297mm

I went for a bike ride today - went harder and longer than I thought. The weather was so so and this is me after the ride .... very worn.

28.02.09 | Breezy


Medium: Graphite
Size: 420mm x 594mm

I'm currently in-between drawings so I'm afraid viewers you will get a regurgitated, old and "lame as" drawing done some time ago. Here in Australia it will be autumn (fall for the US-centric) on 1 March - yes I know the rest of the world times the...

07.02.09 | Time (for Wrestlemania #4)


Medium: Colour pencil/graphite/charcoal
Size: 420mm x 594mm

At last this drawing is out of my system. It took a while, it's an ok effort I think. I wonder who ends up winning this wrestle - oarfish or squid? Battles between these two sea creatures have probably been occurring since...

30.12.08 | Clamdestine


Medium: Graphite & Colour Pencil
Size: 250mm x 200mm

In the murky depths of the underworld, the installation of surveillance clameras dampened the activity of Mr Oarfish and his gang of dapper deep sea crims.

I had some trouble with this, wtf does an oarfish's head look like full...

21.12.08 | Voice(les)s


Medium: Graphite & Colour Pencil
Size: 250mm x 200mm

It's times like these that if you want to do something deep, meaningful and philosophical with a topic you seek out some of the great thinkers of our time for inspiration. In this case, i decided to bypass the 20th century movements...

26.10.08 | Repair (Calenture)


Medium: Pencil/graphite/charcoal
Size: 270mm x 460mm

The genesis of this drawing is an album called Calenture by one of the greatest Australian bands - The Triffids. Calenture is described in the sleeve notes as:

Tropical fever or delirium suffered by sailors after long periods...

13.10.08 | Strings


Medium: Pencil/graphite
Size: 270mm x 230mm

This is actually part of an uncompleted drawing dealing with a rare form of mental illness/delirium. Hopefully, I can complete it over the coming weekend. Whilst the subject isn't strings per se, it appears string like to me and if the brain...

04.10.08 | (Anti) Sugary


Medium: Graphite
Size: 250mm x 200mm

When I first saw this topic I thought WTF. Here we go a million and one submissions all of them portraying sickly sweet and cute images. I am so over cute and cuteness. Only one course of action - rebel. So the first thing that came into my head...

03.08.08 | Poof - $ up in smoke


Medium: Pencil
Size: Tabloid
Paper: Form Guide

I'll admit this wasn't the first thing that came to mind when I saw this topic (what was dear old Penelope thinking when she chose this topic).

Still there are many adages in the horseracing and punting world one being: A bet not made is...

12.05.08 | Electricity + (Demon) Seed + Wrinkle


When Dr Simpatico suggested an electric enema it came as somewhat of a surprise

Medium: Pencil
Size: 250mm x 200mm

Three IFs for the price of one. Seeing that I've been slacking off on the drawing front I decided to combine the last three topics in a horror schlock pastiche.

02.03.08 | Leap (into the unknown)


Medium: Coloured pencil
Size: 250mm x 200mm

28 Days 6 Hours 42 Minutes 12 Seconds after his original demise, Donnie Darko is about to exact his revenge on Frank.

09.02.08 | Where to my friend VII


Medium: Pencil/Coloured Pencil
Size: 640 mm x 940 mm

Larger version here wtmffinalv2.jpg

This week's IF topic is Choose, this drawing probably has has marginal relevance to that, although the Devo lyrics from Freedom Of Choice keep echoing in my head:

In ancient Rome there was a...

20.01.08 | Plain (as it gets)


Medium: Pencil
Size: 450mm x 210mm

This is as plain as it gets for me. I will need to take this basic line sketch and transfer it across to the bottom of the piece I am currently working on, and start adding detail, detail and more detail until it blends in with what I've already got....

13.01.08 | Stitch


Medium: Graphite,/coloured pencil/conte
Size: 250mm x 200mm

I couldn't get a drawing finished in time for last week's IF but have found time to contribute this week. Not sure what this is trying to say: whether it's about familial ties, or something deeper about political ideology....

30.12.07 | Soar


Medium: Pencil
Size: 100mm x 65mm

This is a very quick and dirty for this week's IF. It has to be one of the smallest doodles I've done in some time, the take on the topic is poor and the humour is crap (pardon the pun). My attempts at making substantial progress on the big piece I'm...

06.10.07 | Open (Selling)


Medium: Coloured pencil/graphite
Size: 250mm x 200mm

This man (Joe Hockey) - a so so likeness, gimme a break I'm rusty - is the current Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, when he was appointed our Prime Minister described him as a "big bear of a man" . The Prime...

15.09.07 | Wedding


Medium: Pencil/graphite
Size: 250mm x 200mm

I've been out of action for so long, I've forgotten when I did my last drawing prior to this one. I have been a complete slacko for months. Anyways, I knocked this drawing out today in response to the IF challenge.

28.04.07 | Remember


17.04.07 | Fortune


After winning a mini-fortune during the Spring (southern hemisphere) Carnival several months ago I thought I'd back up again for the Autumn Carnival. Unfortunately, this time around I sustained a small loss. Alas my time of late has been consumed by punting and fantasy football and not...

18.03.07 | Toe Tell


17.02.07 | Gravity (of the situation)


Medium: Pencil
Size: 420mm x 590mm

I had this idea floating around in my head for a while and eventually got around to drawing it. It vaguely fits the theme - so why not submit it. In this case, Bill [or submit your preferred name here] suddenly came to the realisation about the...

20.01.07 | (Anti) Super Hero - Doamna Tomescu


This is the (fishy) tale of Doamna (Mrs) Tomescu. Really little is known of her early life apart from the fact that she is Romanian by birth, and reputedly worked as a nurse in one of the hospitals in Bucharest before leaving rather suddenly - under mysterious circumstances - in about...

25.11.06 | (Pre) Invention

...before there can be an invention there must be an experiment.


Medium: Graphite
Size: 320mm x 460mm

I'm not quite sure what this Dr Moreau-ish style experiment is trying to say. I originally thought it'd be something different to draw a double-headed trout, then half way through I...

19.11.06 | Thanksgiving


Medium: Coloured Pencil
Size: 215 mm [H] x 175 mm [W] (Viva la metric system)

When I first saw this topic I thought how North American-centric. I have to admit it got my gander up - which is strange seeing that Thanksgiving appears to involve turkeys as a central theme. Look it's...

17.10.06 | Smitten


Pelz et al Eel-mincing Machine
Medium: Graphite and coloured pencil
Size: 320mm [H] x 450mm [W]

Inspiration comes from many sources; take for example this drawing of the Pelz et al Eel-mincing Machine [PEM]. I stumbled across this piece of rare machinery after reading The Book of...

07.10.06 | Trouble

This is an oldie and not so goldie. Well what can you do when the IF topic comes up as "trouble" and you already have a drawing with the same guessed it, submit it and damn the consequences. No doubt I'll suffer the opprobium of commenters for posting something that hasn't...

13.08.06 | Play…....and

...Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200


Medium: Pencil
Size: 210mm x 210mm

At last the monopoly of premium TV sports has been excised, and I'm back drawing. Have to say that having not drawn anything, that's right anything, for the past few weeks I am seriously out...

15.07.06 | Sacrifice


Image medium: Colour Pencil and Graphite
Size: 210mm X 250mm

My commitment to drawing has, of late, been sacrificed to maxing out big time watching the World Cup and now the Tour de France. So much so that this is my first IF entry since the site update. Well the World Cup only comes...

14.04.06 | Under the Sea (and Profile - Holograph Magazine)

UPDATE 1 May 2006: This will have to do as this week's IF entry, heck I'd like to think I did it in anticipation of the topic. I know that would be stretching it though. Anyway what you see is what you get - apologies for the blatant cross promotion.

14 April 2006

I'm very chuffed...

27.02.06 | (s)TEA(k)


Medium: Coloured Pencil
Size: 210mm x 250mm

This topic left me decidedly cold ñ it really was an invitation for narrow interpretations. Besides, coffee rules all over tea! So nothing left to do but go for the old T-bone steakÖ.as you can tell colour is not my forte.

11.02.06 | Simple(ton) and 2006 Bald Archy - The Mug Punter #1


Medium: Graphite & coloured pencil
Size: 540mm x 370mm

UPDATE 15 February: Pat, pat, pat, pat.....that's the sound of a drum roll being reversed. The blowing of my own trumpet was apparently premature and Mug Punter #1 did not make the Bald Archy preview show. I received an email...

28.01.06 | Glamour (Recycled)


14.01.06 | E is for…..


Medium: Completed drawing - graphite and coloured pencil
Size: 500mm x 380mm

They say the eyes are the window to the soul - if you looked into these eyes you'll find EMPTINESS!

The above s(p)lice is part of a satirical drawing I've just completed. It gets framed today and will be...

07.01.06 | (Creature of the) Sea


Size: 1000mm x 700mm
Medium: Graphite

As I completed this only two weeks ago and as it fits the theme why not recycle it. Yes, it's immoral but I'm that kind of guy. Those who have previously commented when this piece was last "aired" there is no need to comment again.

You just...

31.12.05 | (Hidden) Flavour


21.12.05 | Imagine

....if trout were made from Japanese betting tickets!


Medium: Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor on 7 Japanese betting tickets.
Size: 250mm x 60mm x 40mm
Time: 1.5 hours (heaps of fun)

This is a drawing(?)/paper sculpture of a trout that I completed today, hope it qualifies for IF.


11.12.05 | Surprise


Medium: Staedtler Permanent Lumocolor on Japanese Betting Ticket
Size: 150mm x 80mm

By golly gosh, when I first saw this topic I thought of Gomer Pyle USMC...."sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise" (I can't believe no one has as yet submitted something along aforesaid lines - maybe I'm just...

20.11.05 | Free(k)


Life must be a complete shit if you're a freak...worse still if you're a freaky gargoyle. God damn people staring at you all the time, birds nesting on you and worse still pooping their insides out all over you. On top of that you are permanently anchored to a bloody building, no...

05.11.05 | Night (Shock and Awe)


This is a cheat, I finished this a couple of months back and some of you have seen it before (if you have seen it before no need to comment again). At a stretch it fits the more than ever it has relevance to some of the disgraceful political events that happened in...

30.10.05 | Broke(n) - the “n” is silent

These are doodles I did the last time I went punting. They were sketched on multi-purpose keno forms and then scanned and not touched-up in photoshop. Many words of punting wisdom can be found on them (including my top two tips for the Melbourne Cup) use these words wisely and you won't go...

17.10.05 | Cold (Blooded Murder)

Cold heart
Cold fury
Cold blooded murder

Cold hands and feet

This drawing is about 12 months old. It sits (framed but not hung) in the dining room at home, the front of the picture facing the wall, along with 2 other framed drawings. That really is a cold way to display a...

25.09.05 | EDM #33 - Eyes & long lost [& now] fresh Illustration Friday: Aging entry


I finished this drawing for Illustration Friday many moons ago but never posted it. So in my mind it's a fresh take on aging [and fresh]. Not really sure why I never posted it, perhaps I found the process of aging a tad depressing. Nonetheless, I'm sure one of the first things to go is...

21.07.05 | Karma


Iíve had this (ghoulish) idea in my head for a while now and just needed an excuse to put pencil to paper. Iím fascinated that one can find such a variety of road kills within Canberra (pop. 300,000), even as close as 1.5 kilometres from the CBD. Within the last couple of months I...

19.06.05 | Black & White


For some reason I wanted to draw something gothic - yeah it doesn't really fit the theme, on the other hand given my style and medium of choice I could draw just about anything and (at a stretch) it'd probably fit the theme.

Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of gothic style...

14.06.05 | Summer (Love)


It was a last minute decision to enter this week, but as I'm making very good progress on Shock and Awe I had a bit more creative free time than I thought.

Summer = Heat. The one movie that sizzles with heat and is all about heat is Body Heat - a great film noir thriller set in Florida...

04.06.05 | Digital


As some of the earlier entries this week stole my thunder it was a case of back to the drawing board. Such is life. Alas the only thing I could come up with was this - a hodge podge of influences, that got me thinking about digital media and whether it was just an extension of...

23.05.05 | Aquatic


This is the art-deco style front entrance of a public pool here in Canberra. The somewhat "chunky" bather is in fact based on a statue by Guy Boyd that sits outside the Australian Institute of Sport Swimming Complex (also in Canberra). The statue doesn't have bathing attire, I added...

03.05.05 | Ambition

For someone who is reasonably devoid of ambition (why does everyone need to be so driven?) I had to look beyond personal experience to get a take on this topic.

I did want to include some dismembered toys scattered around young Joe, but time beat me - no quips about unfulfilled ambition...

25.04.05 | Daring


High diving acts, trapeze acts, lion tamers and other death-defying feats all entered my mind, but for some reason I went with this. Maybe because it had additional degrees of danger and adventure over and above the former choices. You know like turning up the amp to 11 when all the...

09.03.05 | Ancient


This will have to do for this week's theme, and I'm posting it (relatively) early as I'll be away for the next couple of days. Yes, I'm off fishing aboard the MV Top Cat! Alas, it's charter boat fishing as opposed to my preferred fly-fishing, nonetheless I'm ever thankful for the...

05.03.05 | Jazz


I just haven't had much time to give this topic any great deal of thought, so what you see is what you get. Again, a few others have come up with the same concept.

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25.02.05 | Sorrow


A few others have come-up with the same take...hey, what can I say - great minds think alike.

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19.02.05 | Flight (of Fancy)


I wish....I could master the flight of a perfect parabolic cast.

Fly-fishing uses tiny yarn and feather lures that resemble insects to deceive fish into thinking that a meal awaits them. A fly-fisherman casts the line so that the lure lands delicately on the water just as a "fly"...

05.02.05 | F(r)iendship



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26.01.05 | Gluttony


I don't have a lot of time to do anything elaborate this this will have to do. With more time I would've liked to have put Mr Creosote on a hand drawn tin pack of wafer thins, but alas I have this to work on.

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22.01.05 | The Seasons


For the record: I don't hunt.... but I do fish.

Does that make me a hypocrite? Most likely.

To assuage my conscience I practice "catch and release" if I bag a trout. My fly-fishing skills have not been put to use in about 5 years, I fear my return to the water will truly resemble...

13.01.05 | Balance


"The news network that America trusts" !!??

"America's number one cable news channel" !!??

"We report. You decide" !!??

"Fair and balanced" !!??

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29.12.04 | Magic


Sim Sala Bim (the words made famous by Dante the magician) provides a nice lead-in to this week's Illustration Friday topic of magic.

The golden age of magic spawned illusionists (such as Harry Blackstone and Howard Thurston), escape artists (Harry Houdini), leviation specialists...

24.12.04 | Home


Brisbane is my hometown and will forever carry that label - not surprising given that is where I spent my formative years. Nonetheless, Canberra is my home, if that makes sense?

In my day, one of the best things about Brisbane was the great indie music scene - most of it a reaction...

16.12.04 | Adoption


I have to admit that I'm SO much enjoying participating in Illustration Friday that I'm finding myself making the time to participate. Can I keep up the pace?

While I have been mumbling under my breath about the difficulty of the past two topics, I will admit that I'm loving the...

11.12.04 | Security


My second entry for Illustration Friday and already I'm struggling for ideas. Not helped by this tough topic!

Security tip #63: Walking alone in strange, seedy neighbourhoods at night is fraught with peril. You never know what's out there. Danger, Wil Robinson!

This paranoia was...

04.12.04 | Bubble ( ‘n’ Squeak)

Bubble n Squeak

Who would have thunk it, that I'd be participating in Illustration Friday!

No not I, not because I haven't wanted to, but actually finding the time to do so. Damn day job always interfering with enjoyment like drawing etc. I ask what has the day job ever done for me? OK, it pays...