28.08.11 | The Training Continues

Didn't have the legs today, but the training has to go on. At least there were enough hills in today's ride to put some sting in the legs, even though I was very tortoise like getting up Black Mountain and Mt Ainslie. Black Mountain is steep from the outset and within a few metres you're...

30.09.07 | Now if only he and the gang make it down under next year

26.09.06 | A change is as good as a….

Yes devoted readers/viewers a new look. The old stuff was migrated across on the weekend – I just wanted something a bit easier to maintain and less cumbersome than the old site.

The banner is "temporary", while I like "Charlie" the squid it might be better suited to being a front page....

15.02.06 | This tag thing has somehow got me

I've been tagged by Big Harry R Hindmarsh - I added the "Big" because it just slips off the tongue better and I mean it as a term of endearment. Big H first made contact with me via email. It was an interesting email both for what it said and what it didn't say.

I sense that Big H was...

02.06.05 | The Interview Game

I happened by this rather tortuous game via Wee's site. Being the idiot that I am I immediately signed up to play, not knowing that the questions would be akin to those being asked of inmates at G(i)TMO. Nonetheless, I somehow believe that freedom can be obtained through most forms of...

20.03.05 | The things people say

I've been buoyed by some of the comments I received for certain Illustration Friday entries, especially Ancient and Jazz, so much so that shortly I'll be migrating those across to the main gallery.

And, yes stay tuned, the piece that has been consuming me is finished!! Just need to take...

18.03.05 | Drawn to Drawn

Alright, for all those who have been living under a rock and don't as yet know about Drawn! go and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about. It's a cracker of a site for all artistic voyeurs.

Go on, off you go – and enjoy.

11.02.04 | Up and running (sort of)

At last! Progress has been made and the previously neglected shell of a website has been revamped into something that has a much cleaner feel and look. Pity, there isnít much drawing content I hear you say ñ I promise over time that the problem will be rectified. Indeed, itís just...